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Nearly everyone residing in Germany is guaranteed access to high-quality comprehensive health care. Statutory health insurance (Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung--GKV) has provided an organizational framework for the delivery of public health care and has shaped the roles of payers, insurance or sickness funds, and providers, physicians, and hospitals since the Health Insurance Act was adopted in 1883. In 1885 the GKV provided medical protection for 26 percent of the lower-paid segments of the labor force, or 10 percent of the population. As with social insurance, health insurance coverage was gradually extended by including ever more occupational groups in the plan and by steadily raising the income ceiling. Those earning less than the ceiling were required to participate in the insurance program. In 1995 the income ceiling was an annual income of about DM70,00 in the old Länder and DM57,600 in the new Länder.



This System has worked for 126 years. The German

People are not about to change it.






File:Carl Theodor von Piloty Thusnelda im Triumphzug des Germanicus.jpgTh



Thusnelda,Wife of Hermanius,






Laborday,Why in September and not in May?



The Haymarket Affair: Chicago Anarchists on Trial




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The web site has been developed by Maria and Walter Brand. Maria has gathered an extensive history of the activities of German American Pioneers in the region now known as Silicon Valley (the City of San Jose, CA and the surrounding Santa Clara Valley).

My husband of 45 years passed away

Oct. 21, 2005. He suffered a cardiac arrest.

The German Information Center of New York and the Goethe Institute produced 4 films about the Immigration of Germans to America.,

Very good.Click: Germans in American Film Series


Courage is very important. Like a muscle, it is strengthened by use.

 Newsletter for September,2009

First, a heart felt “Thank you” to everyone who whished me a speedy recovery.


I had my 7 -1/2 hour spine operation on the first of July and I am happy to say, everything went well and I am now recovering. I had time to watch TV and was amazed about the vicious attacks of some members of our- so called civilized and Christian society toward others who happened to be of a different opinion.

              I like to share with you an Email I received from a so called friend. Who need enemies with friends like that?

Please look at it. I have to say, I felt hurt and disappointed.

What does the film have to do with the subject of Healthcare?

          This film with its message is pretty hard to take for a German – American.

What else can some of the Americans think of to feel superior?

 Besides, not only do the victorious Allies commemorate the beginning and ending of World War II, but also the landing at Normandy, Holocaust Remembrance Day etc. etc. Just now a new movie is being advertised about World War II and these awful Germans.

              Every time we, as Germans and German – Americans, have to endure the speeches, documentaries and movies about these good and brave Allies and how they defeated the evil, abominable Germans. This goes on for ever and ever; nothing ever changes in that regard, as the short film proves. What would the Western World have done without Hitler and his henchmen? We would have died of bordom, for no other subject would have provided so much material to use in so many different ways, always with the result of feeling superior.

               It does not matter that some members of this goody, goody club of Allies have invaded and devastated other countries since then; imprisoned and tortured people, whether these prisoners were guilty or not; all Germans are being condemned by these members of the family of nations as the most brutal people who ever walked this earth.

              Yet, I must say, I as a German immigrant have compared the actions of all peoples involved in both World Wars as well as in daily life and feel very good about my people. I have concluded that more than one yard stick is being used when measuring war crimes and that the good deeds of the victors are being greatly exaggerated while the good deeds of the losers are conveniently being omitted in the reports.

               I am concerned about the younger generations of Germans, who are expected to pay for the alleged crimes of their ancestors without having the right to investigate the allegations. Just questioning any aspect of the Holocaust will land them in jail.

        So much for Democracy, Free Speech and   Justice for all.

Does anyone ever ask or care what such an emotional abuse might do to the population in the heart of Europe especially the young people?

   Maybe we should think about this.              


 What else is new?

This year we celebrate the 2,000 anniversary of the battle between the Romans and the Germans in TheTeutoburger Wald. This event had an impact on the whole world as it was known at that time. Up to this day, there are Fraternities including in many of the United States called: Sons of Hermann.

I will feature the lodge in Dallas, Texas, because it gives a good insight into the history of the battle as well as the purpose of the lodges in the USA.


 Hermann, the German and the far reaching  imact onto the world

Hermann Monument in New Ulm, Minnesota

Thusnelda, Wife of Hermann

Als die Roemer frech geworden

Labor day and the German Connection

Freedom of Speech


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