Newsletter September 2005   

Hello to Everyone.

I hope you all had a 'summer to remember'. The days are getting shorter and on some trees the leaves are turning.--

I have added some information that should be of interest to viewers whose ancestors came from Northern Germany. You will find many pictures telling the story of how people lived about the time from 1850 to 1950. These were the years of heavy emigration from Germany to America. The pictures are from different books about Westphalia, but describe life in all of Northern Germany.

In addition, I added: Germans in Jamestown since 1608; General Steuben; Adler Filix, educator; Altgeld, John Peter,Governor of Illinois, connected to the Haymarked drama; Astor, John Jacob, at one time the richest man in America; Albers, Josef, a graphic artist.

I will also add more peoms in general as well as poems about fall and harvest time.

Thank you very much for looking up my wepsite.

I enjoy adding more and more information to it.

The German immigrant has contributed much to the wellbeing of this country, and I dare say the blessings flowed ans still flow both ways.

Enjoy the season of autumn.

Sincerely-Maria Brand.