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Der Wonnemonat Mai

The lovely month of May

The Catholic Church


  celebretes the month of


  In Europe and America

we celebrate

Mother's Day!



native stock photography | South Africa, Stellenbosch, Mother with child, Rustenberg winery, image id 1-422-46

Japanese Mother and Child

 Mother's Helper

Mother and child in the Yunnan Province. © Ron Geatz












The web site GermanAmericanPioneers.org has been developed by Maria and Walter Brand. Maria has gathered an extensive history of the activities of German American Pioneers in the region now known as Silicon Valley (the City of San Jose, CA and the surrounding Santa Clara Valley).

My husband of 45 years passed away Oct. 21, 2005. He suffered a cardiac arrest.


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Thought for the month: Try and try again.


Newsletter, May, 2007


I appologize to the more than 500 visitors I had on May first.  My computer gave up on me. I had to buy a newone and now I am learning many things all over again. It takes time and I have to tell myself: Try and----.

We celebrate Mothersday on the 13th of May.


In Austria, Germany, and Switzerland Muttertag is observed on the second Sunday in May, just as in the U.S., Australia, Brazil, Italy, Japan, and many other countries. During the First World War, Switzerland w as one the first   European countries to introduce Mother's Day (in 1917). Germany's first Muttertag observance took place in 1922, Austria's in 1926 (or 1924, depending on the source). Muttertag was first declared an official German holiday in 1933 (the second Sunday in May) and took on a special significance as part of the Nazi motherhood cult under the Hitler regime. There was even a medal—das Mutterkreuz—in bronze, silver, and gold (eight or more Kinder!), awarded to mothers who produced children for the Vaterland. (The medal had the popular nickname of "Karnickelorden," the "Order of the Rabbit.") After World War II the German holiday became a more unofficial one that took on the cards-and-flowers elements of the U.S. Mother's Day.

I wish you all a very special mothersday



One Mothersday as I remember it

Poems made for Moms, (German)                  

More poems for Mom  (German)

Fruehlingsgedichte und Lieder

English peoms for mom  (English)

Meinen Glueckwunsch,

Truemmerfrauen, Rubble women


A Tribute to the German Mothers, World War II

World War II Alien Enemy Cotrol Program

Helmut Jahn, Architect, Chicago Airport+

Other German American Architects

The Lenzen Brothers, San Jose, Ca.

Jacob Lenzen,

Theodore Lenzen,

Schmitz Bruno, Architect

John A Roebling, Brooklyn Bridge

Cluss, Adolph, Architect in Washington DC

William Schickel, Architect, New York City

Golden Plough Tavern, oldest house inNew York city

German Colonial House

Br.Adrian Wewer, Architect of many Churches in the States
















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